Friday November 15,2019

I am currently working on the 5th frame because the movement of the animation. I couldn’t find my Rotoscope i thought i lost all my work so i went to the teacher to help me and he did so i got back on track with my rotoscope.

Wed 11/13/19

Today i worked on some of these frames i tried to finish the same things for all of these frames. Since it didn’t save to my computer i had to start all over again. Right now i am doing multiple frames because i am drawing the same drawing so i am focusing one step at […]

Wed 11/06/19

I am close to start working on the 3rd frame. It took a while with this frame because i am adding details but i am going to move on to the next frame and continue later if it needs more details to be drawn. I am still working on it at home.